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Complementarity of Solutions

Our product portfolio consists of two types of solutions. The first is specialized medical equipment, which includes: OrthoNail Intramedullary Nail and its external activator: the OrthoWheel. The second is digital control systems, which complement the therapy with Orthoget medical devices. The digital solutions are based on the Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID), which enables regular and real-time reading of the treatment progress. We develop these platforms for physicians and patients who use Orthomed products. These currently include the OrthoMed medical monitoring system and the patient application: OrthoApp.


The company’s patented OrthoNail intramedullary nail is an implant with a unique hybrid magneto-mechanical mechanism that allows for highly precise human lower limb bone lengthening. This is possible thanks to the use of titanium alloys and ferrite-free materials, which makes it possible to use the phenomena of magnetism for power transmission. The developed implant, thanks to the use of electromagnetic solutions, will enable bone elongation of up to 85 mm.

Simplification of the design and its high reliability are also ensured in the driving part of the target product. The structural strength of the implant, in contrast to current solutions, will allow it to be fully loaded. The drive part of the implant will feature a simple and compact secondary structure. The mechanical portion will be designed to carry a physiological load of up to 80% of body weight on both legs of the patient, while maintaining a design fatigue cycle life of min. 500,000 load cycles.


OrthoWheel is the Company’s patented external activator and controller of the lengthening mechanism used in the OrthoNail implant. It works by converting an alternating magnetic field generated by a set of permanent magnets. The resulting rotational motion of the implant’s internal components leads to implant elongation.

The operation of the OrthoWheel is completely safe for the patient, yet requires no specialized knowledge. After activation and commissioning, the controller requires only that the limb be held within the magnetic field. The correct placement of the limb is indicated by the device based on feedback from the system determining the position of the implant relative to the controller.

The lengthening procedure is fully controlled by the attending physician and tracked by an app that keeps the patient informed of treatment progress. The design and equipment of the OrthoWheel device eliminates the risk of excessive limb lengthening or lack thereof due to improper limb positioning. 


OrthoMed is a remote treatment progress monitoring system designed for physicians and specialists. It provides insight into the current status of rehabilitation, readout of changes in bone growth progress and full documentation of patient history.

The use of Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) enables regular reading of the treatment progress and its monitoring in the mobile application. The OrthoMed medical application provides remote control of the treatment process and convenient access to complete medical documentation for the patient and the doctor.

Orthonail TB

A tibial lengthening nail to provide full limb lengthening therapy.


OrthoApp is an application for patients with the OrthoNail product, using the Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID). It provides the patient with a regular reading of the treatment progress and includes customized rehabilitation exercises in a video version. The app provides full support and control in the rehabilitation process, based on complete rehabilitation protocol modules.

Q&A section

Can people with diabetes or other chronic diseases benefit from intramedullary implants?

Implantation is an invasive procedure that involves placing an implant into the patient’s bone. The patient’s health status is one of the key eligibility factors for treatment. However, not every disease, even a chronic one, has to lead to disqualification. The state of health and possibilities of treatment are always assessed by a specialist who will indicate how to prepare for treatment even despite health deficits.

Is the nail appropriate for people of all ages, including children?

Due to the method of implantation, the intramedullary nail is recommended for patients who have completed bone growth. In the case of younger patients, treatment options are always subject to assessment by a specialist.

What is the most appropriate age to use implants?

For any invasive procedure, younger age is a positive prognostic factor, which does not change the fact that even mature individuals can undergo treatment with an intramedullary nail. Treatment options regardless of age are always subject to evaluation by a medical professional 

How do I prepare for treatment?

At the initial stage, you should go for a consultation with a specialist who will provide you with treatment options and scenarios based on your test results and discussion with you. 

Is the treatment reimbursable under the National Health Fund?

Treatment with the OrthoNail implant is currently not reimbursed by the National Health Fund. 

I would like to be taller by ÔÇŽ What can I do?

Sign up for an initial consultation where our specialist will evaluate your treatment options and chances. This will provide you with information about whether and how much higher you can go.

Is the treatment painful?

Like any surgery, intramedullary nail implantation is an invasion to the body, so pain medication is administered after the procedure to counteract pain. The lengthening process is not painful.